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Millions of farm animals are suffering in Australia’s live export industry. These animals can spend anywhere from 11-25 days at sea, during which they are forced to lie down in their own urine and faeces, and endure extreme temperatures. Many succumb to illness, injury, exhaustion and starvation. Thousands die every year mid-journey. Live export is an inherently cruel industry – there are alternatives. Please help us end the suffering.

Mobilising support to save Romanian dogs

In September last year, the Romanian Government approved the mass culling of stray dogs in an attempt to curb the growing canine population.

Donkey tales from the Pegasus Society

Your ongoing generosity has helped us support the wonderful work of Pegasus since 2008.

Japan banned from whale hunting research

After a four year court case, Australia achieves victory in its fight to ban Japan’s controversial whaling programme

WSPA’s vision is of a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends

Just for you... some bear essentials...

Check out these fascinating and little-known facts about our beautiful Romanian bear sanctuary.

Two more bears saved from cruel bear baiting ring!

With the help of our partners, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) in Pakistan, two more bears have been surrendered by their owners.