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2010: A year of animal welfare accomplishments

Jan 1, 2011
As we begin 2011, WSPA would like to thank its supporters for their ongoing support and dedication to helping animals throughout 2010

Balkasar’s newest resident enjoys first taste of freedom

Dec 17, 2010
Chowti, the blind bear recently rescued from a life of bear baiting, has taken her first tentative steps in a new life without cruelty

International protest over Auckland elephant import

Dec 14, 2010
Prominent international zoologists and some of the world’s most respected elephant experts are appealing to the Auckland Council to rethink plans of importing a herd of elephants to Auckland Zoo

Great news from Nyaru Menteng!

Dec 10, 2010
Rolling and crawling across the lawn of the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre in Indonesian Borneo comes Aya, her destination a tall mango tree.

WSPA helps Nicaragua enact strict animal welfare laws

Dec 8, 2010
On 2nd December 2010, Members of Nicaragua’s National Assembly voted near unanimously to pass a law that includes some of the most stringent measures in animal welfare legislation in the world.

A new bear at Balkasar

Nov 26, 2010
Chowti, a six year old female Asiatic black bear, was confiscated following an illegal bear baiting event in Pakistan last week and has been brought to the sanctuary at Balkasar.

Faroese slaughter record number of pilot whales in 2010

Nov 26, 2010
The Danish North Atlantic territory of the Faroe Islands has killed a total of 1,115 pilot whales to date in 2010, making it the largest kill of any whale species in the world.

Participate in Fur Free Friday

Nov 25, 2010
Worldwide events to protest against the fur industry and the one billion animals killed annually by the industry are being held on Friday 26th November

New report from Vietnam exposes persistent use of bear bile

Nov 23, 2010
WSPA is calling on Vietnamese authorities to strengthen enforcement measures and promote the use of numerous herbal alternatives to cut continued use of bear bile in Vietnam

Christmas gifts that help protect animals around the world

Nov 16, 2010
Buying a WSPA Really Wild Gift could help bring shelter, feed and urgent medical care to neglected and abused working donkeys and so much more!

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