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Labor Party pledge moves live export debate forward

Dec 5, 2011
Labor has rejected a move to phase out live exports at this weekend’s National Party Conference, but WSPA is encouraged by moves to support alternatives to the cruel trade.

Red card to cruelty: WSPA congratulates Ukraine for ending cruel culls

Dec 1, 2011
WSPA urges the Ukraine government to act on the words of its environment minister by ordering an end to the cruel culls that have killed thousands of dogs ahead of the Euro 2012 football championship

National Opinion poll says more Aussies want an alternate chilled meat trade

Nov 24, 2011
A new national survey commissioned by WSPA has revealed 77% of Australians still think the live export industry is cruel and 80% believe Labor should support a phase out

Musicians support collars not cruelty in the fight against rabies

Nov 17, 2011
Two of Australia’s top rock musicians, Daniel Johns and Chris Cheney have joined forces to help raise funds and awareness for WSPA’s ‘Collars not Cruelty’ campaign

This christmas buy gifts that help animals around the world

Nov 16, 2011
Our new ‘Really Wild Gifts’ site gives you the chance to buy a fantastic range of virtual gifts for your friends and family that will help animals in need around the world

Help end Europe’s long-distance suffering for animals

Nov 10, 2011
WSPA urges supporters to demand a European 8-hour transportation limit following the EU’s failure to reduce journey times.

Two tiny bear cubs saved thanks to support from WSPA

Nov 9, 2011
WSPA’s local partner in Vietnam, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), recently launched a sting operation to save two tiny bear cubs after receiving a tip off call on the WSPA-funded Wildlife Crime Hotline

WSPA brings emergency relief to drought-hit Kenyan region

Nov 2, 2011
The animals in one of Kenya’s most severely drought-stricken regions have received life-saving treatments in a WSPA-funded Disaster Management operation.

‘Move Forward’: WSPA’s new initiative to end live animal export, protecting animals and promoting jobs

Oct 25, 2011
WSPA is disappointed by the Governments recent announcement on live exports, launching a new initiative called ‘Move Forward’, aimed at ending Labor’s support for the trade. See how supporters have been joining forces and taking action locally

WSPA takes welfare message to vets from across the world

Oct 20, 2011
International vets hear about WSPA’s work integrating animal welfare in disaster work and education

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