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Nestlé and WSPA will change animals’ lives

Mar 4, 2014
We are pleased to announce that we have signed a worldwide partnership with one of the world’s biggest food brands, Nestlé.

Sochi dog cull: a humane alternative

Feb 5, 2014
At the World Society for the Protection of Animals we are opposed to the culling of dogs ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics

Emergency welfare assessment at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

Jan 16, 2014
In the last week there have been an increasing number of reports in the media concerning poor animal welfare standards at Surabaya Zoo in East Java, Indonesia.

Recalling the Haiti relief operation

Jan 13, 2014
Marking four years since the catastrophic events that followed Hait's magnitude 7.0 earthquake

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An Asiatic Black Bear in the wild