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WSPA's Work

A brown bear in a WSPA-built sanctuary, Turkey

Bears in Captivity:

Campaigning to protect bears from cruelty and captivity

Live Export

Stopping NZ’s cruel live sheep trade resuming.

Pawprint: the campaign

What kinder farming can do might surprise you. It protects animals AND can help us battle some of our most urgent global crises, like poverty and mass pollution. Act urgently with us today to benefit animals, people and the planet >>
Cattle in a flooded pen, Bolivia

Disaster management

Animal welfare is a vital part of rebuilding of communities after a disaster


It is estimated that more than 1,000 dolphins are held captive in about 200 facilities around the world
A slaughtered fin whale is towed to shore


Thousands of whales are inhumanely killed every year in bloody hunts
Member society programme helping owners care for their working horses, Guatemala

Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Achieving international recognition of the importance of animal welfare

Civet coffee

Civet coffee is one of the world’s most expensive drinks, selling for up to $100 per up. Its production uses a cruel method.

Inhumane Culling

Every year, millions of dogs are needlessly culled in response to the fear of rabies in a misguided effort to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Please donate today

Your gift can help protect bears from cruel treatment

A bear resuced from baiting at the Kund Park Sanctuary, Pakistan